​​​​© 2015 Maureen A. Summers, Esq.




The fees for services are as follows: **

The half day rate is $2,500.00.


The full day rate is $5,000.00.

Additional time will be billed at $625 per hour.

All fees are split among the parties unless other arrangements are made with Ms. Summers.


Each party is asked to forward its designated deposit to reserve a hearing date. Any additional fees incurred at the hearing will be invoiced to counsel following the hearing.

** We no longer offer two hour mediations. If you would like a two hour mediation we have mediators we can recommend. Please contact Alicia at 619/550-1880 for  recommendations.



It is with great anticipation (and SOME sadness) that I am announcing my retirement effective October 31, 2019.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you over the last 25 years but I am off to see the world outside of Mission Valley! 


We will be having a “goodbye” party sometime the first week of November, look for the invite in your mail.

Anybody need any conference room tables, chairs, wall art, coffee pots, candy.....??